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Added by: Jason

Added by: Andy Corkill
Comments: love gravy

Added by: Victoria Speziale
Comments: I fully support the campaign for real gravy. Fake gravy is so terrible and no one should have to experience it. GO REAL GRAVY!!!

Added by: nina
Comments: I add my beef essence to my gravy to get it more "real" - would love to learn what more I can do

Added by: jamie
Comments: I live nowhere near where you're based but the fenwick arms is the definition of a 'Traditional English pub'. The real gravy campaign is getting on really well it seems and I just wish I could pop in and have a sunday roast :-). Gordan is an absolute gentleman for the work he has done.


Added by: jo sturges
Comments: real gravy and beautiful yorkshires

Added by: Kirk Smith
Comments: Canada supports you

Added by: Kirk Smith
Comments: Canada supports you

Added by: Al Tarbet
Comments: It's like chewing on a fucking GOLF BALL!

Added by: Cummy bugtuts
Comments: Do you and your wife do anal? Maybe you could do your hotpot in her asshole?

Added by:

Added by: tyrone
Comments: ah fuckin hate gravy.

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